How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help You in Your 40's

17 Nov

Hormone replacement therapy, has the potential to treat menopause symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy has many names such as menopause hormone therapy, estrogen replacement therapy or hormone therapy. Hormone replacement therapy involves the replacement of hormones that are at a lower level as one approach menopause. It enable one to do way with the discomfort of sweating at night that take place as a result of menopause. Therefore one is able to sleep well.

 Estrogen hormone replacement rejuvenates the same sex desires that one had before they reached 40. Sex is a very vital component in marriage life. This means that with Hormone replacement therapy marriages will be able to last for longer. This means that without sex drive one can lose their confidence even at the family level especially to their spouses. Hormone replacement therapy help treat vaginal dryness that comes as a result of menopause. The challenge with virginal dryness is that it is painful and causes discomforts. This pain and discomfort affects the all aspects of one's life. Hormone replacement therapy has the capacity to treat mood swings that come as a result of menopause. Mood swings has the potential to destroy a family especially when the couple does not understand each other well. In other words, mood swing control by the use of hormone replacement hormone can play a role I saving marriages. Check out also for
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The use of hormone replacement therapy has shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Hormone replacement therapy has proven to be lower the number of heart diseases among the menopausal age since drop in estrogen related to the high number of heart related illnesses. When the level of estrogen decrease, the level of dangerous cholesterol in the body increase and the level of the positive cholesterol in the body decrease which leads to accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the arteries and hence heart attack and stroke.

Replacing estrogen with hormone replacement therapy favor heart health. The replacement of estrogen with hormone replacement therapy promotes health condition of the heart. The heart is a very vital organ of the body since it ensure blood circulation to all parts of the body. Thus all is done to ensure that the heart is free from any kind of infections. This has led to increased use of hormone replacement therapy.

However, hormone replacement therapy should not be used for the prevention of heart attack or stock rather as a treatment for the signs and symptoms of menopause. Estrogen replacement therapy plays a very important role in bone health to reduce the risk of fracture. With hormone replacement therapy, the loss of calcium from the skeleton is reduced  hence maintaining healthy bone strength. Estrogen replacement hormone enhances the growth of new bones. 
Hormone Replacement Therapy Birmingham is key on preventing the chances of major osteoporotic fracture by half.

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